At the International exhibition of plastics and rubber – PLAST 2015 – Negri Bossi Group will exhibit five injection moulding machines, fully integrated with particular attention to energy consumption.

Negri Bossi in Hall 24 exhibits eVector 1100-tonne press equipped with automotive configuration and reduced volume. The machine moulds a frame of a car headlamp in PMMA, while a Comau anthropomorphic robot with automation developed by MGM will take the moulded part.

Also on exhibit is the eCanbio 180-tonne machine with Smart Flex clamping unit and Smart Energy hydraulic system. The machine is dedicated to the moulding of a tri-material snorkeling mask. The whole system, developed in cooperation with Guzzini Engineering SRL, allows production of a complete thermoplastic part with the addition of liquid silicon in one step. Thermoplastic injection, PBT with additives to better stick with liquid silicon, is made by the main injection unit which has reduced dimensions to permit the injection of only 13 grams of the frame without degradation of the polymer. Once the thermoplastic is injected, there will be three injections of liquid silicon rubber, thanks to an injection system directly integrated on the mould developed in cooperation with Guzzini Engineering SRL: the first one is for the injection of the lace of the mask, the second one is for the injection of the lens using a specific silicon for optic field and, finally, the third one is for the injection of the seal of the lens through a tank of silicon and azote.

A model e250 HE is presented with an elegant moulding system called Extreme. It is equipped with a Siemens electric torque motor on the plasticising unit and permits the complete overlapping of movements, allowing in many cases an increase in the performance and optimisation of the cycle time. Thanks to a cooperation with Industrial Frigo, the heating and cooling technology shown at Plast, permits to reach a perfect balance of the injection process to obtain technical end aesthetic parts. The moulded product is a coffee machine cover moulded in ABS, particularly representative of this technology.

Multimaterial injection moulding machines couldn’t miss, equipped with Smart Flex clamping unit with prismatic guides that permit control on the opening and closing speed granting an oil free zone in the moulding area. eCanbimat 330 with vertical injection unit and Smart Energy hydraulic system will be equipped with a mould of a little box in two colors. The moulding technique allows the perfect balance of the two colors. The magnetic platens supplied by Rivi grant reliability and meet the production need of frequent mould changes. A model e500, with Smart Energy device, is equipped with a two-cavity mould for the production of a bi-material automotive part in polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber. The rubber injection is made through an independent injection unit directly linked on the mould.

All the automation present on the stand is made by Sytrama, which will be presenting at the show the complete range of robot and the new touch screen panel SCP2.